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New puzzle books (2016)

Large Print Number Fill ins
Large Print Word Fill ins
250 Number Searches puzzles
Word Searches Large Print volume 2
Mighty Kakuro 20x25
Killer Samurai Sudoku, volume 9
Christmas Sudoku book
Easy Sudoku Very Large Print
Super Samurai Sudoku, volume 4, 111 puzzles
Deadliest Killer Sudoku, volume 4
The Way of Samurai sudoku, volume 9, 111 puzzles
Revenge of Killer Sudoku, volume 10, 200 puzzles
Jigsaw Sudoku Compendium, volume 3
Jigsaw Sudoku book, volume 7
Sudoku Variations book, volume 4
Multi Sudoku LOCO Sudoku, volume 2
The Massive Book of CalcuDoku, 1000 puzzles
Super Sharp Cutting Edge Sudoku
Killer Sudoku: 101 puzzles, 10th anniversary edition
The Big Book of Trigons, 300 puzzles
Samurai Sudoku, 500 puzzles, all levels
Clueless Sudoku book
Hard Sudoku Puzzles
Easy Sudoku Puzzles

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