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New puzzle books (2017)

XXXL Sudoku book, 500 puzzles, 30pt font
Sudoku book for Children
Puzzles by Dr Djape, 300 puzzles
Nonograms Griddlers Picross Hanjie book 100 picture puzzles
The Return of the Killer Sudoku book 150 puzzles
Super Quad Sudoku Samurai book
Little CalcuDoku book 150 puzzles
Massive Book of Kakuro 1000 puzzles (Volume 2)
The Massive Book of Jigsaw Sudoku: 1000 puzzles (Volume 2)
Killer Sudoku Samurai: 65 puzzles (Volume 1)
The Massive Book of Picross Hanjie Griddlers Nonograms by Djape
Cuckoo Sudoku
Sudoku book Very Hard puzzles
Sudoku book Very Easy puzzles
Little book of TRIGONS puzzles
Outside Sudoku Compendium 130 puzzles
Double Samurai Sudoku Harakiri Compendium
Diagonal Samurai Sudoku X

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